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There are so many benefits to participating in the Dale Carnegie Course for Teens including skills in leadership, stress management, communication and more.

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Congratulations!  You have done what many other teenagers will never do, you have made a commitment to invest in your future.

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From parents reactions to letters from teens thanking their sponsors. These testimonials give you a sneak peek inside the transformation of our students.

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Dale Carnegie course for Teens

Today, the world is more complex, competitive, and demanding than ever before.  Young people often need to balance school, work, and relationships while at the same time, planning for their future.  The result can be increased pressure and stress.  Unfortunately, many teens have not developed strong “life skills” to help them gain an advantage in today’s competitive world.

The Dale Carnegie Course® for Teens is designed to prepare individuals for the real world.  It helps them develop the skills they need to reach their goals and live up to their potential.  Through the Dale Carnegie Course®, students will learn how to:

  • Strengthen his or her self-confidence
  • Overcome fear and shyness
  • Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards life
  • Remain focused and directed in times of challenge
  • Understand the relationship between daily decisions and lifelong goals
  • Practice tools to effectively manage stress and worry
  • Accept people and their differences
  • Build better relationships at home, at school, and in social situations
  • Strengthen verbal communication skills

Not every successful person is born with these skills.  Although they may seem like common sense, they need to be learned, developed, and mastered.  We specialize in helping our class members move these concepts from common sense to common practice. Help your teen become the person they dream of becoming.  This class is designed for people of all ages who desire to get more out of life. 

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